My name is Bill Broughton and, as a freelance photographer, I call North Texas home. More specifically, I live on the eastern edge of a region in the US known as Texoma.

The region's namesake is the Lake Texoma reservoir with its dam site northwest of Denison, Texas. The reservoir occupies a stretch of the Red River where it separates Texas and Oklahoma. At over 93,000 acres, Lake Texoma is the 12th largest lake in the United States. According to the US Army Corps of Engineers, it is the most developed and most popular lake within their Tulsa District, attracting six million visitors a year. And it's my little playground...

As a second career I've revived a very old passion for photography. My primary focus is on the Travel & Tourism industry and, as such, I continue to grow a library of stock travel images. I strive to be a responsive and reliable resource for property owners and publication staff seeking high quality digital images. As such I'm eager to assist with image research, or to meet your project needs via assignment.

I'm still discovering new possibilities in a world where photography has gone digital - not only in terms of the equipment and techniques, but with the opportunities for creating photo art. As a result of this discovery I've also developed an unexpected passion for learning to bring a fine art finish in the digital studio to many of my photos.

I welcome your comments - drop me a note directly from the Contact Page at any time.